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Between 1997
 and 2010, Labour lost almost
FIVE million votes


Winning back the 
lost millions

Our aim is to promote radical debate about how we rid Britain of the calamitous ConDem Coalition by securing a Labour victory.  
This website is our “Big Red Book.”  It will explore our three core themes relating to the economy, public services and the labour movement. You can comment on  featured articles on our weblog here.
Our approach is also underpinned by our 3Rs: 
retaining the faith of today’s supporters
regaining the trust of those who have deserted the Party
rejuvenating the Party’s political core
We’re not a cult for the promotion of personal ambitions. Nor do we receive huge donations from wealthy supporters, or have paid staff.
Welcome to Winning Labour
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Winning Back Labour’s Lost 
By Jon Trickett MP

“The Party stands at a cross roads. We reject a turning towards 1980’s style ultra-leftism. Equally  we should refuse the call from a voluble minority of backseat drivers who would turn Labour to a pale blue echo of Toryism.”  Read More... JT_article.html
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WL BookWorm
For our more cerebral followers, Winning Labour recommends a few books exploring our three core themes. Click here.Books.html
Losing Labour: 
Or how NOT to win back Labour’s Lost Millions
Labour and the Unions: a Two-Way Street
By Tim Roache, Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Regional Secretary GMB, and Chair, Yorkshire & Humberside TUC

“We need to start crafting the policies and politics of a proper Labour Party, not one that is top down, but a democratic, member led organisation that is bottom-up, just how it was at its inception.” 
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Owen Jones on Winning Labour
My Journey to Winning Labour

By Denise Thursfield

Dr Denise Thursfield left school at 16, was active in the 1984 Miners' Strike as the wife of a striking miner, and gained her BA and PhD as a mature student before becoming a university lecturer.  She writes in a personal capacity.
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What You Need to Know - and What They Don’t Want You to Know: 
Read Ann Pettifor’s Compelling Critique of Austerity Economics delivered at Winning Labour’s National ConferenceAnn_Pettifor.html